Setup Service

Our team of experienced web developers and designers will assist you with setting up your rental software and building a sales-generating website.

Let’s Launch Together

Your rental business needs a strong online presence, and we're here to help you get it. Together, our technical support team and you will:

  • Create a professional website: We will show you how to create web pages, upload your content and images and assist you during the construction process of your website.
  • Ensure the software is set up correctly: We will show you how to set up the business software properly to ensure seamless operations and customer interactions.
  • Upload your inventory: We will assist you with uploading your inventory and configuring the business software, enabling you to manage bookings and payments without hassle.
Setup service

Setup Service Overview

Here are the steps we will take to set up your rental software and website to meet your needs:

Account Setup

  • Set up an Amazon VPS
  • Set up a private IP address
  • Register new domain or set up existing one
  • Installing an SSL certificate
  • Configure SMTP and email settings
  • Monitoring & backup schedules

Business Software Setup

  • Upload sample inventory
  • Set prices and taxes
  • Configure all settings
  • Set up a payment gateway
  • Activate email notifications
  • Customise the checkout form
  • Create documents

Website Design

  • Select a colour scheme and fonts
  • Add the company's details
  • Logo upload
  • Prepare sample web pages
  • Create menus for the top and footer of the site
  • Complete all settings on the website
  • Install Google Analytics / FB pixel
  • Optimize your SEO settings

Your active participation is essential to a smooth setup process

Participating in the setup process will ensure that the rental software configuration and website creation accurately reflect your business needs.

Setup Processes

Getting your rental software and website online is a quick and easy process with our service.


Setup Introduction

As part of our process to set up your online business, our team will get to know your unique business and its goals in order to develop the best strategy for you.


Upload & Configuration

We will help you configure the business software, upload your website content, and design it based on your requirements in a way that will produce the best results for your business.


Audit & Training

We'll conduct an audit to ensure everything runs smoothly. Once that's done, we'll show you how to use our platform and manage your online business effortlessly.



You will have a fully functional rental software and website solution that will provide you with the ability to accept reservations online, manage your inventory and launch a profitable business.

What's included

We'll guide you throughout the entire setup process, from start to finish, to help you achieve a strong online presence and set your online business up for success.

We will help you customise your website design, style, fonts and colour scheme with the tools available for the template.
Website Settings
We will configure the following settings according to your preferences: Regional Settings, Map Service, User Roles, Contact Form, Languages, and Cookie policy bar.
The service includes resizing and optimizing your logo to fit smoothly into your website header and ensuring that the file format and size are correct for fast loading and a positive user experience. We will also create and upload a favicon for your business website.
2 logo variants
Header & Footer
We will assist you with choosing a header and footer that matches your requirements and uploading the content, as well as setting up the website menu.
We will help you create your website pages, set up their layout and content sections, and upload the respective content to them.
up to 10
If you need help with content creation, we can assist you. Please note that it is important you cooperate with us to complete the task.
10 000 characters
You can rely on us to crop, resize, and compress images to enhance their appearance and improve your site's page speed. We'll also rename file names and add alt-tags to help you rank higher in search engines.
up to 30 images
By using the Google Translate feature built into your website, we can translate the content into other languages. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and quality of the translation. We suggest you review the translations and make any necessary corrections.
50 000 characters
We will help you connect your business website to other platforms. Using a JavaScript snippet code, we can add Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, online chat, or any other third-party app.
Inventory & Pricing
During this process, we will upload your inventory with descriptions, images, pricing, booking conditions, etc.
10 products
Extras & Features
Our team will activate and add features that are included in your rental software and which are essential to the operation of your business.
10 items
Taxes & Surcharges
Ensure that the taxes and other fees you collect are configured and added.
Payment gateway
You will receive assistance in setting up and activating your payment options and online payment gateways. This service is only available for payment gateways that are included in our business software by default.
Default payments
Checkout Form
We will configure the customer data fields in the checkout form.
For each specific event, our team will create automated emails and SMS messages to inform your customers and employees.
We will set up the templates and create the content of your documents. Please note that new data fields will not be added to the rental software as part of the service.
2 documents
Configure Settings
As part of the setup process, we will work closely with you to determine which business settings work best for you.
Your rental software and website installation will be installed on your own Virtual Private Server on Amazon. All your data will be secure.
Private IP address
A unique IP address will be assigned to your website in order to prevent SPAM.
Domain name
We will point your domain name to your VEVS website, whether you purchased it from us or if you already own one.
We will install an SSL certificate to protect your business website (https).
We will assist you in setting up your company mailboxes, either through another email provider or through VEVS' free mailbox service.
Backup & Monitoring
To ensure the security of your data, we will set up an automatic backup and monitoring system.
A video meeting will be scheduled with us to walk you through our rental software, train you on its usage, and answer your questions.
2 hours
Ticket Support
Using our online support ticket system, you will have unlimited access to customer support. Find out more at our Customer Care service page.
To meet your specific business needs, we can provide custom development services and modify the business software.
We will create and add the title and meta description tags, H tags, optimize the ALT tags of your images and create three keyword-rick content peaces. We will also select the most suitable keywords for your website and add robots.txt and sitemap. Visit our SEO Service page to get more information.
up to 15 pages

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