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Take Your Restaurant Online With Our Food Ordering Restaurant Website

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Take Your Restaurant Online With Our Food Ordering Restaurant Website

Introducing Our Brand New Food Ordering Restaurant Website!

This trendy restaurant website solution includes a built-in online food delivery system, meaning your customers will be able to order their favourite food straight to their door.

With so much uncertainty about current circumstances, we wanted to develop something that will help restaurants continue to operate whilst also branching out to offer a new way of providing for customers, whilst helping restaurants grow stronger throughout the crisis caused by the Covid-19.

No matter how much uncertainty there is right now, one thing is certain for sure! And that is, the majority of people are social-distancing inside their home, and what better way to lighten the mood than with a delivery from their favourite restaurant.

We know how hard restaurant owners work to run their establishments and understand the difficulty the Covid-19 virus has introduced. Software and the internet play a key role in keeping our businesses and social life active, and that is no exception when it comes to food delivery. Therefore, we used our expertise to develop a solution that we are sure will help!

With the development of our food ordering restaurant website, your business will not only be able to pull through, but also move into a position of growth.

We are currently offering 50% off for new restaurant websites!

Contact us to arrange the discount.

Right now, it is a time of crisis which means that most businesses are either temporarily on hold or having to shut down. The power of home delivery, combined with the internet allows customers to eat the same food they would be able to eat at a restaurant, in the comfort of their own home. And that is what everyone needs right now...comfort. They need their favourite dessert or their Friday night Kebab, and we want to help you get it to them!

If you choose either our small business or enterprise plan, for the first year, you will receive 50% off the cost of the plan, on both monthly and yearly subscriptions. Contact us to arrange the discount.

Throughout the world, we are seeing more and more help provided for small businesses, and we want to do our part. We want to help take your business online and our restaurant websites are the perfect way to make sure you can still reach your customers, even during a time of difficulty.

There is an opportunity of immense growth and the ability to come out the other side better and stronger than ever before, and we want to give as many restaurants as possible that chance.

The Wonderful Features Included In Your New Website!

The VEVS Restaurant Website Builder comes with an easy to use restaurant online ordering system that will allow your clients to order by PC or mobile from the comfort of their home, office or on the go.

With an array of features, your new website will be equipped with everything you need to take orders right away!

  • Attention-grabbing Menu
  • Take Payments Online
  • Customer Accounts
  • Online Ordering
  • Multiple Locations
  • Manage Orders Instantly
  • And much more!

Since VEVS is an all-in-one solution, we will host your website in a secure environment and also deliver extra services like domain, SSL certificate and email boxes.

Plus, don't worry if you need assistance, because our friendly Customer Service Team will help you get your restaurant website up and running in no time. We also deliver custom modifications per request.

You can view more information about our Restaurant Websites here.

We also know how vital new customers are for every business. With the new restaurant website that allows you to take orders online, you can now serve even more clients. We can help you increase your organic and social media traffic to boost your revenue through our range of digital marketing services. For more information, click here.


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