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Meet VEVS Website Builder 2.0: New Storefront & Smarter CMS

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Meet VEVS Website Builder 2.0: New Storefront & Smarter CMS

A year and a half after the official launch of VEVS, the Business Website Builder, we are happy to announce a major evolutionary shift that had engulfed all our coding and creative powers in the past months - a brand new website management platform and a redesigned VEVS.com website.

After delivering hundreds of business websites and custom modifications to clients all over the world and analyzing their valuable feedback, we decided to make some profound improvements to our Website Builder. Ultimately, that resulted in an entirely new platform with responsive website administration back-end, enhanced content management system, and extended capabilities to let your site grow faster. We believe that all these tweaks will bring a higher value to our customers and will make their experience with VEVS solutions much more enjoyable!

Our new product website on its part comes to provide not only an enhanced navigation and online usability but also offers a wider choice of customer services and a greater pricing flexibility. As you are going to read further, the website’s overhaul was not an end-in-itself undertaking - it rather reflects our desire to make our e-commerce solutions more accessible, scalable, and adjustable to the distinctive features of each business.

There is a handful of new things we are excited to share with you, so we will try to highlight the key improvements starting from VEVS.com itself and then zero in on the most important enhancements related to our business websites and their administration.

What's new on VEVS.com?

Browse Websites by Industry and Category
Due to the increasing number of niche business websites we offer and in an effort to facilitate customers to find the exact product that matches their needs, we developed a new websites catalogue. You can quickly review all website templates created for a particular category or industry, see a demo version of each website, and sign up for a free, one-week trial. If you need to learn more about each website type, you just need to jump over to our improved product pages.

VEVS Websites Catalogue

More Bespoke Customer Services
Since every e-commerce business has particular needs, we figured that we should list all possible technical and functional enhancements we can deliver to your VEVS website so that you are well aware of all options. Starting with your domain and mailbox preferences, you can also boost your website's performance, speed and security by requesting different hosting-related services. Along with our ready-made web apps, we can integrate various industry-specific third-party software or channel management platforms into your business website - e.g. Booking.com, Expedia, eBay, AutoTrader, etc. Just tell us what you need!

Standard & Tailored Subscription Plans
In order to provide customers with an enhanced financial flexibility, VEVS Website Builder 2.0 also brings in updated pricing plans and refined features. If the predefined subscription plans don't fully match your business needs, you can request a custom pricing plan that will better accommodate your exact requirements. The free website solution is also available, now offering some additional extras.

VEVS Custom Subscription

Customer Support at Your Fingertips
Using a handy contact widget placed in the lower right corner of our website, customers can easily send us an enquiry or request a phone, Skype or Viber callback at a time convenient for them. Just note that we provide callback support as a special service only to users who have trial installations or already up and running VEVS websites.

What's new with our business websites?

All VEVS e-commerce websites went through some sort of minor functionality improvements. Still, the most groundbreaking of all enhancements we have made concerns the back-end administration of our business websites. Our new content management system offers a totally new user experience giving you a much better overview over the latest customer activities initiated through your website and a smarter control over key website settings. Let's take a closer look at the

New Mobile-Optimized & User-Friendly CMS
VEVS CMS 1.0 has a modern and highly intuitive user interface allowing for a much easier navigation and enhanced usability across all kinds of desktop and mobile devices. This means you can manage your VEVS website contents and inventory, keep track of bookings, payments and customer requests anytime, both from your office desk and on the go. Furthermore, we have totally reorganized the administrative menu as you knew it by moving all business-specific software functionalities into a separate submenu and adding a whole bunch of new features and must-have website tools.


  • Plug & Play Web Apps
    With the new CMS platform, adding further web apps and making your e-commerce website more interactive and efficient, is now faster and easier than ever. You can pick any of our ready-to-use applications or request additional, custom-made software tools and plugins.

  • Improved Image Management
    Finding the right balance between pictures' size and quality is tricky since it directly affects your web pages' load time. That's why we have added recommended image size and resolution so you can optimize your photos upon uploading them on your website. Oversized images as well as images without ALT tags (i.e. SEO-related text alternative of the image for screen reader users) will appear in alarmingly red boxes so you don't overlook them.

    VEVS CMS Image Management

  • Website Content Management
    From the "Website Pages" submenu you can edit page titles, buttons and texts more intuitively from the CMS which now displays different desktop and mobile previews of the respective web page. Using quick links in the header, you can also edit other static labels, manage images and menus, add meta tags and customize your website page's appearance.

    VEVS Content Management

  • Improved Language & Translation Tools
    Just like before, you can add and manage multiple languages, including right-to-left writing systems (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.) We have refined the advanced, text IDs translation by adding a Page filter and a handy video tutorial showing a step-by-step guide of the whole process. Another cool tweak is that you are able to change the titles in all active languages from the same Edit field in the aforementioned "Website Pages" submenu.

  • Edit Dynamic Content from the Front-end
    Once you add your inventory, services or classified ads to the back-end system, you can easily edit them straight from your website (when logged into the CMS). For example, if you have a Car Rental Website and you have added your rental cars into the CMS, you can change their title, description and other details from the front-end and the respective alterations will be automatically saved on the back-end as well.

  • More Default Payment Services
    Along with PayPal and Authorize.Net payment gateways that were previously integrated as standard in our business websites, we have added other popular payment systems: Skrill, Stripe, WorldPay, 2checkout, Braintree and Mollie. Read more how to request additional payment methods.

We have already converted our top-selling business websites (Car Rental, Car Dealer, Car Parking, Real Estate, Shuttle & Taxi, Job Portal) to the new CMS and will gradually implement it into all our products. Due to the high volume of work it takes, we cannot engage with a strict delivery date, but we will do our best to finish this project in the next couple of weeks.

Coming soon…

VEVS web factory is all fired up for bringing on a notably better user experience and many new products and cool features that will respond to broader customer expectations. There is a bunch of novelties and things in progress we are currently working on:

Updated Knowledge Base
Due to the new content management system we are gradually introducing to all VEVS e-commerce websites, we are in the process of updating our Knowledge Base as well. Should you in the meantime have any questions or require our assistance to get a better grip on your website, just turn to our friendly Customer Support team.

New Business Websites
2018 is meant to be a very dynamic and eventful year for VEVS Website Builder since we plan bringing out a whole host of new niche-industry websites allowing a wide range of business owners to manage (respectively) bus reservations, restaurants, catering services, learning centers, etc. Stay tuned for more updates by following our Facebook page

We strongly encourage you to share your worthwhile remarks, suggestions, and constructive feedback with us. You can either use the "Comments" field below or our designated Contact form. Thank you for keeping up with the latest on VEVS.com and helping us bring our websites and services closer to perfection!

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