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5 Guidelines From Hertz That Will Improve Your Leadership Style

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5 Guidelines From Hertz That Will Improve Your Leadership Style

Being a good leader means constantly striving to improve - yourself as a professional and your company as a successful business entity moving forward. You can be inspired by the business practices of leading global car rental companies like Hertz through their exceptional management skills.

To make sure you're doing everything you can to be a better leader, these five tips can help you achieve that:


1. Make action-driven decisions

Decision-making is an essential component of effective business management. This is not only one of your primary responsibilities but also the most important one because your team relies on you to provide straightforward navigation. So, for maximum success, be decisive and set realistic and clear goals for your staff to follow.

2. Listen to your employees

No man is an island. You have a team that works with customers, institutions and providers. They are in charge of dealing with all of your day-to-day operations. Therefore you must pay close attention to them.

Learn from your employees and use their expertise to help you develop your leadership skills. Participate in staff projects and ask pointed questions to ensure you stay informed so you can make good strategic decisions based on factual real-time information.

3. Be bold with your goals

A bold company goal can inspire your entire team and give them a greater sense of purpose. When you push your own ambitions and get in the ring, you energise your leadership ability in the eyes of your team and inspire them to give their best performance.

4. Be open and honest

Leaders who are open and honest appear more approachable and confident. Giving access to more information conveys a level of trust in your employees, which can encourage them to provide valuable feedback, for example, early in a project when changes are easier to make.

5. Promote creativity

Encourage your employees to share their innovative ideas. Employees will feel more connected to the process and the company's long-term success, and such challenges can boost employee engagement and morale.

Consider each of your team's suggestions and ideas. Allow them to assist you in determining the best options. And be ready to help them turn their ideas into actions!


Business Leadership is a multi-facet and ever-evolving process. Learning from Hertz, one of the best and most successful car rental companies, can only work in your favour.

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