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Case Study: Initial On-Site SEO Optimization For Boats-UK

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Case Study: Initial On-Site SEO Optimization For Boats-UK

The competition in the yacht brokerage industry is furious, especially in regions such as North Wales, UK, where having a yacht is considered something quite ordinary. However, with a high level of demand also comes a high level of competition. And the owner, Alan, confirmed that. So how could a newly launched yacht brokerage company compete with the big fishes in the ocean? Alan needed help, so he decided to take advantage of our initial SEO services and, in the end, was really pleased with the results.

To make the Boats-UK website more competitive, the VEVS SEO team set a number of tasks that need to be completed. These tasks are detailed below:

  1. Extensive Keyword Research: To ensure that the Boats-UK website has a good position on the search engine results page, first, the VEVS SEO had to get to know the company’s main activities closely, what makes her different from the other competitors and to find out her unique selling point. Then the team conducted extensive keyword research using multiple platforms. After creating a list with keywords that best describe the Boats-UK company, the VEVS SEO team, together with the company’s owner Alan, has then chosen the most suitable keywords that will bring the best results.
  2. Changing The Website’s Content: After finding out what are the best keywords that the company has to target, the next crucial task was to rewrite all the textual content on the Boats-UK website and actively incorporate the relevant keywords. That way, the search engine crawlers could easily understand what the website is all about and position it higher when a potential client searches a relevant query.
  3. Additional Content Creation: Finding the proper keywords and incorporating them into the textual content on the Boats-UK website was not enough to ensure that the website has a good SEO performance. To provide more website impressions for a particular keyword, the VEVS SEO team generated three keyword-rich content pieces. These pieces are in the form of blog posts because that way, the company could easily generate more in the future. So the creation of that additional content not only helped the website to index better for the selected keywords but also provided a good start for the company to start sharing valuable information and news with the clients.

Additional Content Creation

  1. Meta Tags Optimization: To ensure that Boats-UK has better exposure in the search engine results pages, rewriting the Meta tags was crucial. But to ensure even better results, the SEO team also incorporated relevant keywords in the meta tags for each web page as well.
  2. ALT Tags & Image File Names Optimization: The images are also crawled by the search engine bots, so it is also essential that their description, a.k.a ALT tag, include relevant keywords. And to make the SEO performance of the Boats-UK website even more complete, we have changed the image file names as well for each image on their website.
  3. Web Design Tweaks: Finally, the VEVS SEO team has made some changes to the overall website design of the website, such as colour theme, structure adjustments, etc. These changes do not impact significantly the SEO results, however, when doing professional SEO optimization, you need to keep in mind not only optimising the website for search engines but also for the website visitors. After all, if clients find the website user-friendly and good-looking, they stay longer on the website, and the bounce rate decreases. This indicates to the search engines that your website is professional, and they automatically boost it to the first few positions.


After completing the above-listed tasks, in a couple of weeks, the VEVS SEO team analysed the results in Google Analytics, which were fascinating. Since the changes made to the Boats-UK website, there has been a significant increase in website visitors from the United Kingdom, with 128.57%, and a huge increase in the conversion rate of 400%.

Result 1Result 2

Additionally, a set of advanced SEO analysis tools has also been used by the VEVS SEO team to analyse the website performance, and all the results indicate that the Boats-UK website is performing exceptionally well.

Keeping in mind that SEO is a long-term process that requires a lot of time and dedication, the results show that the initial SEO services from VEVS can give an excellent boost to newly launched companies and significantly improve their online presence.

So if you are a newly launched company and want to have a competitive position on the market, get your website optimised for search engines by taking advantage of our initial SEO services. Fill in the contact form, and let us help you launch a profitable online business!

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