Rentals United Website Pricing

VEVS Rentals United Website Builder is an all-in-one solution to start your business online, instantly. VEVS pricing is subscription-based and flat, with no hidden fees. Choose the package and payment cycle that suits you most and follow the steps to subscribe.

What's included

VEVS packages differ in the system usage limits, but with each package, you will get a complete website plus a standard set of services as described below:

Complete Website

VEVS is a complete website solution. You will be able to manage the content of your website and pages via the VEVS CMS (content management system).

Rentals United

VEVS website is fully integrated with your Rentals United account. All properties are automatically synchronized and you do not have to add them manually.

Reliable hosting

We will host your website on a fast and secure cloud hosting provided by Amazon. Your site will be deployed on a VPS (virtual private server). Review hosting service details.

Friendly Support

You are not alone! Our dedicated Customer Care Team will assist you in managing your VEVS website. The pricing comprises a Standard Support Package with lifetime service via an online ticket system.

Additional Services

VEVS is a do-it-yourself website builder. Of course, if you need professional assistance to set up and improve the performance of your website, we would love to help.

Live Assistance

Get answers to all your questions live. We will advise and provide you with online assistance to all your concerns via live call.

Price: $49 / 30 minutes

Onboarding training

Build your website without any IT knowledge. We will show and teach you how to rapidly and effortlessly set up your dream website.

Price: $179 / 2 hours

Website Setup

We will make custom adjustments based on your requirements to ensure that your website is a perfect fit for your company.

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Custom Modifications

Do you require a website that is tailored to your business model? Then, we'll make some custom changes and have one ready for you in no time!

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Read some frequently asked questions about VEVS Rentals United Websites and all related services.
If we have missed something by chance, don't hold back to contact us and ask!

Do you charge extra fee per reservation?

No. Our pricing policy is transparent. There are no hidden fees for bookings made through your VEVS Rentals United Website.

I have more properties than your pricing plans allow. Can I use your product and service?

Yes, we can offer you a custom pricing plan attuned to your specific business needs. Just contact us and request a quote!

How do I pay?

We require setting up automated recurring subscription payments for our service via credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. We work with PayPal and 2Checkout payment getaways, which will handle your online payments in a secure environment.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the service with a 15-days notice. For complete cancellation and refund conditions see our Terms of Service.

Can I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your account instantly by starting a new subscription for the new pricing package you want to use. If you are paying monthly, note that we do not refund for a started month. If you are paying yearly contact our team, and we will calculate the balance and suggest a refund or surcharge to the latest subscription payment.

Can I downgrade my plan?

Yes, you can downgrade with your next billing cycle and within a 2-weeks notice. A downgrade is free of charge only once per year. Then we collect a $29 accounting fee. Note that if you are on a Premium Hosting service and your new pricing package includes Standard Hosting service, we charge a $59 one-time fee to move the site on a new VPS. Or you can continue using the Premium Hosting for $10/mo on top of your new pricing package. Contact us for more details.

Can I switch from monthly to yearly subscription payments?

Yes, you are welcome to benefit from our yearly pre-payment offer and savings. If you have already paid for a domain name, SSL, or training service, contact our team to discuss how you can use the freebies that come with the yearly subscription offer.

Will I receive assistance in using the VEVS Website Builder and setting up my site?

Yes, our Customer Service team would be delighted to assist you. All pricing plans include lifetime Standard Support and Initial Setup services. If you require additional assistance or prefer a professional webmaster service, we offer premium customer care services as well as live assistance and online training. You can find details at Customer Care and Wesbite Setup.

What are your hosting service conditions?

We will host your website in a fast and secure cloud hosting environment provided by Amazon. Your website will be deployed on a VPS (virtual private server) with a private IP address. The VPS and traffic parameters depend on your pricing package and if it includes Standard or Premium hosting service. We perform daily backups and provide 1 mailbox for free in our packages. For complete details, review our Hosting Services page and Terms of Service. You can connect and use your domain with your VEVS site, free of charge. We can also provide a new domain name, SSL certificate, or advanced hosting solution.

I have a domain name. Can I use it with a VEVS website?

Yes, if you have a domain name already, you can connect it and use it with your VEVS website. It is free of charge. You will find instructions on how to point your domain to your website host/VPS in your website admin area after you upgrade.

Do I have access to my hosting account?

No, we do not provide access to the website hosting account, VPS, FTP, or source files. And you do not need it to run your VEVS website. You can manage the website via its admin area and the tools you will find there.

Need any help?
Need any help?