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VEVS Personal Trainer Website
VEVS Trainer Website
VEVS Fitness Instructor Website

Awesome Features

VEVS trainer sites come with a built-in appointment scheduling software and all must-have features. They can be used by Yoga, Pilates, Ski, Surf, Dance, and other personal instructors.

24/7 Online Appointments

Your customers can book the training they are interested in quickly and effortlessly, on the go. You can customize the checkout form and send them e-mail confirmations.

Individual & Group Classes

Offer individual and group trainings. Present them with detailed descriptions; add images; set duration; block times; specify maximum number of participants, etc.

Various Online Payments

Your clients can pay safely and securely using the most popular online payment gateways. We can also integrate other payment software platforms upon request.

Customer Management

In a designated menu in VEVS CMS you can see detailed profiles of each of your customers including contact details and bookings history. You can also add notes.

Client Login & Chat

After signing into their online profiles, clients can review their appointments and payments, and send you instant messages and files through the built-in Chat tool.

Price Management

Set custom prices for all classes and trainings you provide. You can also add special % discounts and request further custom tweaks to fit your needs.

Personal trainer appointment software

Great Looking Designs

Pick any of our ready-made private instructor website designs, change their color themes, and request additional fine-tunings as per your own views. We can also deliver unique custom projects.

All websites created by VEVS Website Builder are fully optimized for mobile devices and developed in line with the latest technology trends.

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Private Instructor Website Design by VEVS 2
Fitness Instructor Website Design by VEVS 3

Key Benefits

No Booking Fees

Unlike other online appointment solutions, VEVS Website Builder will not charge you for bookings made via your personal trainer website.

Setup & Launch Support

With our friendly and tech-savvy Customer Success Team by your side, you won't feel lost! We will guide your way and stay around if you need us!

Multiple Languages

Set one default language and add as many alternative language versions of your trainer website as you need. Content translation is a breeze!

Customizations & Add-ons

Depending on your software needs and aesthetic aspirations, we can make any tweaks and embed various web apps into your VEVS site.

Subscription fees starting from $12 per month! see pricing

Perfectly Suitable For:

Yoga Instructors

Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Prenatal Yoga... You can list them all on your VEVS Personal Trainer Website and take online bookings with ease!

Pilates Instructors

Enlight people about Joseph Pilates' art of controlled movements and take them to the training hall straight from your personal website!

Fitness Instructors

You make personal fitness programs but get lost in all those requests, schedules, and customer profiles? Take things under control with VEVS!

Crossfit Trainers

You're a certified CrossFit coach who works independently? Show your WODs, take online bookings, and get seen by the virtual community!

Surf Instructors

Ride the crest of the wave with a stylish private trainer website by VEVS! Content and online bookings management is a breeze! Just try it out!

Ski Instructors

Personalizing and managing your ski coach website is an easy slope. It will help you communicate with clients and schedule appointments.

Swimming Instructors

With a VEVS trainer site you'll be in smooth water even if you're not tech-savvy. Tell people more about you and let them book a swimming lesson!

Dance Instructors

So you think you can teach people how to dance? Grab their attention with an amazing site allowing step-by-step bookings and cool extra materials!

Can you help me set up the appointment booking software?

Of course, we will gladly assist you! Just contact our Customer Success Managers for further guidance. You can also check the designated Knowledge base where you will find useful step-by-step tips how to adjust your private training scheduling software and automate online bookings and payments.

Check our FAQ

How can I make my VEVS private instructor website multi-lingual?

Activating multiple languages on your fitness trainer website is very simple and normally doesn't require any external support. Just go to the Content Management section in VEVS Knowledge base and read more about the Language Options. If you need any translation services, just ping us!

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Check what other personal trainers share about their experience with VEVS Website Builder. If you want to see for yourself how it all works, create your FREE trial now!

I'd been searching for weeks for a fancy fitness website with an already integrated appointment booking software. I needed it ASAP since I couldn't handle all private training requests and calls on my own. Luckily, I came upon VEVS Personal Trainer Website Builder and things happened very fast. I uploaded the text content myself, they helped me set up the scheduling system, and on the fourth day I started receiving online booking notifications in my mailbox. All works fine and I can focus on my gym sessions. VEVS' got the power!

Fred Jacobs

I teach children how to swim and I really love my job! Scheduling the swimming lessons and coordinating with the parents, however, caused me a great amount of stress. An IT-literate friend of mine did me the favor to look up the Internet for a decent website with the right functionalities for my case. And then I got my first private swimming instructor website built by VEVS. I'm happy with it and the parents appreciate the simplicity of the booking engine! Thanks, guys!

Adrijana Marković

I have a surf school in Tel Aviv and I needed a nice and wise website solution to enable other surf fans to book a private lesson online. VEVS Personal Trainer Website hit the target on the spot! I'm very happy with the design, the software part, and it helps me put bookings and payments in order. Love you, VEVS!

Idan Ben Haim

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Need any help?