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This VEVS online resource platform will assist you in expanding your consumer base while also allowing you to earn commissions. We supply you with all of the content you'll need to expand your customer base swiftly!

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Welcome to the team! To ensure you get the most profit with the least effort, you'll discover many materials in the Resource Centre, such as social media postings, YouTube videos, email campaign templates, and other helpful information. You can use them to "spread the word" about us on your website and social media channels. And it's completely free!

Social Media

Choose from the various Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn posts, edit them to fit your business model and upload them, without spending time creating content specially for us. Everything is already made for you!

  • Create stunning social media posts and reach more customers
  • Place your logo and other identifications
  • Write compelling posts

Video Content

Nowadays, using video materials is a really effective approach. However, we are aware of how time-consuming it is to create. That's why we offer you a variety of pre-made videos that you may customize to suit your requirements.

  • Choose from various video materials
  • Request for a custom made video
  • Share the videos on your channels

Website Content

If you want to extract maximum profits, you need to make sure that you spread the word about our services not only on your social media channels but also on your website.

  • Create different web pages with presentations of our products on your website, for example, Car Rental Website or Vacation Rental Website, etc.
  • Add the “create a trial” form on your website
  • Write compelling blogs & articles

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to build a strong relationship with your leads, current and past customers. Use the opportunity to “spread the word” about our services directly in their Inbox, at a time that is convenient for them.

  • Collect email addresess that suit your business model
  • Download message template designs
  • Send messages through various platforms like Mailchimp, Aweber, Amazon, etc.

Marketing Materials

To make the “spread the word” action even easier for you we provide you with a variety of free visual and text materials to use in your website content and social media channels.

  • Download different badges, banners and implement them in your content
  • Browse videos collection and use them free
  • Utilize and modify premade social media posts
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Need any help?

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