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If you're using another website platform but need a change, we can help you switch over to VEVS swiftly, safely and smoothly!

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New beginnings are exciting! The first step is usually the hardest. Now that you have decided to transfer your website to VEVS Website Builder, we will take care of all remaining steps.

Migrate your business site to VEVS


Read some frequently asked questions about VEVS migration process. Please, note that sometimes the data transfer depends on system compatibility and could take up more time and manual work.


Can I test and explore your websites before moving to VEVS?

VEVS answer

Of course! Just sign up for a FREE one-week trial of the website you are interested in and contact us for any questions!


How can I switch over from my current to a VEVS website?

VEVS answer

Send us more information about your website and administration system and leave everything else to us!


Will you transfer and preserve all data from my website?

VEVS answer

Yes. We will safely move your entire database to our servers. You won’t lose any information!

Got other questions about the migration process?

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Please, select the website type you would like to switch over to end enter your contact details. Feel free to include any other information that might be relevant. We’ll come back to you shortly!

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What makes VEVS better?

Mobile-friendly design

Our websites are optimized for all screen sizes. You can change page layouts and color schemes, and request a custom design.

Easy content management

VEVS Content Management System allows users to edit all texts and images on their business website with just a few clicks.

Business-specific software

Each VEVS website is fitted with the respective tools and functionalities necessary to manage all daily business operations online.

High speed and performance

Thanks to the clean HTML/CSS code, all web pages load quickly on all devices. VEVS can easily handle heavy databases.

Complete service and support

Get all in one: domain transfer or registration, hosting, initial setup, content upload, custom tweaks, ongoing support, etc.

Flexible pricing plans

Depending on your business needs and budget, you can choose from a number of different subscription-based plans.

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Need any help?

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