Investment Opportunity

VEVS is a self-developed e-commerce website platform helping small and medium-sized enterprises to promote and grow their business online.

50+ million MSMEs from
75+ business sectors across the globe need an e-commerce solution.

50% of these enterprises don’t have a business website. We’ve got all it takes to streamline their digital launch!

VEVS is a first-stage Software-as-a-Service startup powered by STIVASOFT. We offer subscription-based b2b services under the freemium model.

Official launch Jan 2016

Products 20

Sign-ups 5,000+

CMS Version 3

15+ years on the business software market

45,000+ customers worldwide

3 successful brands PHPJabbers, Brolmo, VEVS

250,000+ sites powered by 70+ web tools

We have made the first and most important steps by ourselves. And we keep the pace. What we need is a little boost to step higher!

What makes us better?

Before creating VEVS, we were well aware of the abounding website builders, ready-made solutions, and astonishing website templates people and businesses can choose from today.

We are equally well aware of our own powers and decade-long track record of serving customers from a variety of industries. Hence, competition doesn’t discourage us but rather stimulates us to provide better services.

VEVS Advantages


Business-centric solutions

VEVS develops ready-to-launch e-commerce websites for selected industry niches. Each website is equipped with all key features and software functionalities to manage the respective business online.


Ready-made still custom-fit

Each business is unique. We’ve left room for custom modifications to all of our websites. The combination of a simple SaaS product with all essentials and a tailored service is what makes clients choose us.


Growing with the business

Our clients can upgrade and enhance their websites along with the increase in customer base, products and services, and other business factors. This leads to higher customer life-time value.

Need more info?

If you see VEVS startup potential and would like to contribute to our success, we will be happy to send you all necessary background information.

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Need any help?

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