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Rent online your tools, machinery, industrial, party or any other equipment. Have your outstanding rental business website with powerful equipment rental software, easy to use CMS and all key tools.

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Equipment Rental Software

VEVS Equipment Rental Website builder is equipped with an advanced equipment booking system and all essential features to manage your online business successfully.

Online Bookings

Start renting online your equipment. Your customers will be able to book one or multiple products via a simple to follow e-shopping process.

Client Accounts

Your clients can have accounts to review their orders, history and speed up the checkout process. They can also order without having an account.

Inventory Management

Represent the inventory with high-quality photos and text description. Make your best rental offers to stand out by marking them 'Featured'. You can also set up multiple product categories, product attributes, and manage quantity and availability.

Flexible Pricing

With our equipment booking software, you can manage flexible pricing and packages corresponding to your services. For example, you can set up prices for 1-hour, 2-hour, half-day, 1-day, 3-day, 7-day booking or any other length that suits you.

Sell Extras

Upsell and increase profits for your equipment rental business by offering additional extras or services to your main equipment.

Online Payments

Enable all offline and online payment methods you need for your tools rental business. Take full or deposit payments for each rental.

Equipment Rental Software

Easy Website Builder

VEVS Equipment Rental Website solution comes with a choice of clear-design templates. Our front-end developers aimed for a user-friendly experience and excellent site performance.

With VEVS Website Builder you have fine control over your website and pages. You can manage colours, add pages and manage your website menu, set-up your regional settings and translate the site into any language, add your contact and social media details. You can quickly build the pages you need and manage their text, images and video content.

All VEVS websites are mobile and SEO optimized. You also have SEO tools to help improve your site further and rank higher in search engines.

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Key Benefits

No Booking Fees

Pay 0% fee for each rental payment! We will not charge you any extra or transaction fee for your online bookings. Our pricing is flat, and there are no hidden fees.

Simple Rental Process

The booking process takes a few easy and user-friendly steps. You clients will be pleased with your online service, and how effortless is to place an order.

Setup & Launch Support

Our tech-savvy and attentive Customer Service team will help you get your equipment rental website up and running in no time.

Customizations & Add-ons

Depending on the specific needs of your business, we can deliver any modification into your VEVS website and equipment rental software.

Subscription fees starting from $40 per month! see pricing

Perfectly Suitable For:

Construction Machinery

Taking bookings online for your construction, agriculture, or heavy machinery rental business has never been easier. Rent out truck & trailers; aerial platforms, cranes, lifts; earthmoving equipment; concrete, painting or any kind of machinery.

Tool Rentals

VEVS Equipment Rental Website builder is an excellent solution for hand tools rentals, construction tools, as well as home or office used machinery. Could be any kind like drilling or cleaning machinery, plumbing tools, heaters, others.

Industrial & Warehouse

If you provide industrial or warehouse equipment and machinery rentals, our equipment booking system is a perfect fit. Add your warehouse lifting equipment, generators, welders, water pumps and specialised equipment.

Party & Event

VEVS equipment rental software is suitable for all kind of party, sound, entertainment, event and catering equipment rentals. You can offer your equipment individually or in packages. Our rental system will enhance your service.

Is there a limit on the number of products I will be able to offer on my website?

Yes, there is. The number of products you are allowed to add to your website depends on the subscription plan you have selected. Please, jump over to our Pricing page for further details.

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Can you help me set up my VEVS Equipment Rental Website?

Yes, we will gladly assist you! If you need any guidance, just contact our Customer Success Managers and tell them what bothers you. You can also refer to the designated Knowledge base and find some useful tips how to manage your website.

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Read more about the services we've already delivered to other customers and their experience with our website builder! See our clients' websites.

The website was easy to set up, and the equipment booking software worked correctly right out of the box. I had an excellent experience with the support team that helped me with setting up the site settings. Excellent turn around time and information.

Carlos Velasquez

The equipment booking system is well-thought and has all features needed. The CMS is clear and properly conceived. Support is fast and responsive. I'm a long-time client and never have been deluded. Thanks to the whole staff!

Mohamed Rahman

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Need any help?