Let clients book & pay bus tickets online Start your trendy, full-fledged bus schedule website and manage routes and bookings with ease!

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Awesome Features

VEVS bus websites come with a built-in bus ticket reservation software and all must-have features. Upon request we can make any custom tweaks to fit your specific business functionality needs.

Manage Routes & Schedules

Add all bus route start and end points (cities, locations, etc.) your company serves. Manage bus schedules. Set recurring time plans for each day of the week.

Set Ticket Types & Prices

From each bus profile you can add different ticket types - children, adults, pensioners, students, etc., and set standard and custom ticket prices (round-trip, special discounts).

Add Bus Types & Seat Maps

Create multiple bus profiles containing interactive seat maps so that your customers can easily pick their preferred seats in advance.

Manage Bus Bookings

Review all bus ticket reservations in one place. See customer details. Set automatic status depending on payment. Add reservations manually.

Customize Bus Tickets

Create a personalized bus ticket layout by adding your company brand elements, and a designated place for trip, customer, and booking details using a handy HTML editor.

Take Payments Online

You have a wide choice of built-in payment gateways as well as the classic wire transfer and cash payments. Make it convenient for your customers!

Bus ticketing system

Can you help me set up the bus reservation system?

Yes, we will gladly help you out! If you need any guidance, just contact our Customer Success Managers. You can also refer to the designated Knowledge base for VEVS Bus Websites where you will find useful step-by-step tips how to adjust your bus ticketing software and automate online bookings and payments.

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Can you help me make my VEVS bus website multi-lingual?

Activating multiple languages on your bus booking website is very simple and normally doesn't require any external support. Just go to the Content Management section in VEVS Knowledge base and read more about the Language Options. If you need any translation services, we can back you up and spare you the efforts!

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Migrate from another website

If you have an existing but rather outdated bus reservation website that was built using website platforms such as WIX, GoDaddy, Joomla, etc., we can help you switch over to VEVS smoothly and effortlessly!

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Key Benefits

No Booking Fees

Unlike other bus ticket booking solutions, VEVS Website Builder will not charge you for reservations made through your bus website.

Setup & Launch Support

Our friendly and tech-savvy Client Service Team will help you get your bus reservation website up and running quickly and effortlessly.

Multiple Languages

You can set one default language and enable as many other language versions of your bus website as you wish. Content translation is a breeze!

Customizations & Add-ons

Depending on the specific needs of your bus transportation business, we can make any tweaks and embed various web apps into your VEVS site.

Subscription fees starting from $40 per month! see pricing

Great Looking Designs

You can choose some of our standard bus reservation website designs, change their color themes, and ask for additional fine-tunings to match your branding. We can also deliver unique custom projects upon request.

All websites created by VEVS Website Builder are fully optimized for mobile devices and developed in line with the latest technology trends.

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Check what other bus transportation company owners share about their experience with VEVS Bus Website Builder. If you want to see for yourself, create your FREE trial now!

I own a mid-size logistics company providing city-to-city transportation services. VEVS Bus Ticketing Website helped me digitize my business by enabling me to take online bookings, process payments, and organize my buses and schedule more easily. It's a great web solution and doesn't cost a fortune!

Tony Smith

I'm very happy both with the Bus Website provided by VEVS Website Builder and their flawless customer support service! I can manage all my buses, lines, and timetables from the user-friendly CMS, and take online ticket bookings round the clock. My clients love it and that's what counts!

Sven Johansson

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Need any help?