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Ready-Made Website vs. Custom-Made Website

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Ready-Made Website vs. Custom-Made Website

Deciding between a ready-made website solution and a custom-made website can be one of the most important decisions you make. The type of website design solution you use can have lasting effects on your business and each type of design solution has its own set of pros and cons to consider.

The right solution for your business will largely depend on your specific needs, the level of customization you need and what your budget is. Additionally, regardless of what type of site you decide to begin your business with, you need to make sure the provider you are working with is top-notch and will deliver on its promises. Working with a quality provider can make the difference between a smooth and successful site design process and a process that is problematic.

Ready-Made Website Solutions


Ready-made website design solutions have become much more robust and flexible in recent years. Advancements in software have added a lot of functionality and premium features to this option. Choosing a ready-made solution offers quick site design and the ability to test the design before you actually make a purchase. Additionally, many times ready-made solutions are more affordable than design projects.

Because the coding and the core site features are already built you are not paying for the many hours it takes to build a site from the ground up. Affordability can be an important factor, especially for new businesses. Many ready-made websites also have CMS software built into the design, which offers easy content and site management as well as cost savings.

With the flexibility and additional features now offered with ready-made solutions, they are a good fit for almost every type of business. Many times, a ready-made solutions provider will even offer customizations within the pre-built framework that can accommodate any specific features you need.


There are many positive aspects in choosing a ready-made design, but there are some downsides as well. Even if customizations are available, they may not be robust and flexible enough to meet your overall needs.

It is important to make sure you choose a website design that will accommodate everything that you think you will need. Your needs will change over time and it is important for a site design to be flexible and capable of delivering what is needed to serve your customers.

Custom-Made Website Solutions


Custom-made solutions are by far the most flexible design option available. A custom solution will allow you to consult with a design professional before the design process begins and come up with a completely customized design plan. Your website will be completely unique and you can include any feature or capability that you want.

This can be an excellent solution if you have needs that are very unique and you need specific features to serve your customers that ready-made solutions do not offer. A custom option will allow you to design a site that exactly matches your needs and specifications. However, it is important to keep in mind, selecting your site design professional becomes extremely important with a custom-made solution. Every line of code will make a difference and the design needs to be simple enough so modifications can be made later without completely redesigning the entire website.


While custom-made solutions offer unparalleled flexibility, they also come with their own set of issues. Custom projects can take a long time to deliver and they can become very expensive. Even if you decide the extra expense is worth it, if the coding of the site is not properly done, you may still end up with a site that does not deliver exactly what you had envisioned.

Making future modifications to a custom-made site can also be problematic. Sometimes this is not an issue, but with a custom site that is complicated, it can be problematic. Poor planning at the beginning of the project can end up with endless modifications and adjustments. This will cost additional time and money to resolve the issues and keep the site functionality intact.

The design path you choose for your business website depends on your specific needs and your budget. Ready-made designs and custom-made solutions will have completely different cost categories and complexities involved. Be sure to do your research to see exactly what is available before you make a final decision.

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