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Step by step guide to promote a shuttle services business

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Step by step guide to promote a shuttle services business

A shuttle services business can be an incredibly lucrative and rewarding venture if done right. Getting the shuttle & taxi business to a stable and profitable position can be quite daunting if you are unsure as to what needs to be done. Do not worry though as we have your back. Today we will explore all the avenues that you can use to your advantage to promote your shuttle services business in such a way that you reap the maximum benefits from your hard work, the time and the money that you invest. Without further ado, let us explore all these options.

Use tourist websites to your advantage

Advertising is crucial to spreading brand awareness and building a strong customer base. Tourists will form the crux of your potential revenue stream and being smart about how you advertise to them can be crucial to getting the maximum returns out of your advertising expenditure. One great way to do this is by targeting tourists specifically by advertising on tourist websites. This is better than advertising on pretty much any site. This is also pretty straightforward to do. Irrespective of what advertising platform you use, you can opt for your ads to be primarily shown on one type of website. Just make sure that the advertising plan targets tourist websites. You can also look for some of the most popular tourist websites that has its primary audience from your shuttle business locale and approach them directly to promote your business. This can be slightly more labor intensive and possibly more expensive, but the results can be astounding. All your competitors will be using all the traditional methods to promote their business, and you will have to do something special to make your shuttle services website stand out from the crowd. It is also crucial to advertise in such a way that is catchy and will attract tourists to your business. Using catchy slogans and vibrant colors in the ads is a great way to do so.

Get flyers out there

While there is no denying the fact that we live in the digital era, the good old print media isn't entirely dead and can come in quite handy especially in the shuttle and transfer business. People who travel a lot will like to have the information, and a flier is a great way to get the information to these people. It also appeals to the older demographic and those who aren't very tech savvy. Just make sure that these fliers reach the right group of people. Have the leaflets distributed in front of hotels, tourist spots, bus and train stations and other places frequented by out-of-towners and travelers. You can also use different types of print media such as business cards and pamphlets. The design of these fliers has to be done wisely so that people who take it do not just throw it away or use it as a napkin. It has to be catchy and should convey all of its information even at a cursory glance. Having a catchy tagline is a great way to gain the attention of those who receive the flier. Avoid the temptation to jam-pack the leaflet with too many details. Instead, provide the essential information like the contact information and the shuttle services offered by you.

Choose the ideal locations to advertise

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Just like real-estate, the advertisement industry is all about the location. A massive hoarding might not do any good for your business if it is not situated in the right place while even a small banner can work wonders if it is located strategically. Again, it is imperative to target areas that receive a considerable number of tourists. These include places like highways, airports, train stations, hotels, and lodges. Also, make sure that the advertising state the name and contact details of your business. Try to be innovative. A regular traveler will see hundreds of advertisement boards and yours has to be truly special to leave a mark that will make them consider your brand when they need a shuttle and transfer service. Less is also more as the primary objective of an advertisement is to spread brand awareness and let prospective know that they have your shuttle business as a viable option for their traveling needs as well. Don't spend too much money on getting a lot of advertisement boardings but get the bare minimum and make them count. Your brand name should be featured prominently.

Use the might of social media to your advantage

It is equally important to keep up with the times, and social media has become a huge part of everyone's lives which includes your potential customers. Most people today turn to social media to find out solutions for their needs, and that is where it has considerable potential as a great source of customers for your shuttle services business. Social media has evolved with the times too, and most platforms allow you to target a specific demographic and geographical location. This can get the word out about your business to the right people. Word of mouth is also a very powerful tool that has enormous implications for your business growth. People find it easier to recommend a service or share a good experience on social media that in real life. Begin by creating pages, accounts, and groups on all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Use the free features initially, and once you get the hang of it, you can go for the paid options to reach a wider audience. Social media is also a great avenue to understand the pulse of the business and find out what your customers are looking for from shuttle and transfer services. They are great to conduct polls and get the opinion of people who will have an impact on the success of your business. Many social media platforms also offer advertising services which can be very useful.

Get in touch with local hotels

Many hotels offer travel packages that provide customers with more than accommodation and thus can use a shuttle service. Get in touch with all the local hotels in your area and try to form a partnership with them if they already do not have one. At the very least you can have them distribute a business card or a pamphlet to all the customers. This is a straightforward approach and can yield immediate and overwhelming response. You might have to spend a little money to get hotels to form a partnership, but the rewards you can reap from such an approach repay your investment many times over. This method requires a more hands-on approach and should be handled with care.

Create a website and go online

No business today can survive without a site. That is why it is necessary to have a shuttle reservation website and not just any website but an awesome one at that. Every aspect of the website should be to get more people to know about your shuttle services business and then convert them into sales. The first goal is to get a good SEO rating for your website

Along with that make sure that there are plenty of lead forms that are easy for the customers to fill out and make inquiries. The design of the website is crucial to its effectiveness. It has to lay out all the necessary information in a manner that is easy to consume and doesn't involve a lot of scrolling. Your shuttle & taxi website should work equally well on mobile devices and computer screens. It also has to be very feature-rich and allow the visitors to do everything from booking a ride to making payments online. You might be wondering how to accomplish all of this. VEVS is the answer to your conundrum. Our platform powers hundreds of excellent websites in the transport industry and your website can be one of them. Some awesome shuttle website templates have been tailor-made for businesses like a shuttle services business. This allows you to concentrate on putting the right information out. The more complicated features like bookings and payment portals are also provided by VEVS. We also have great expertise in optimizing your website to work well on all types of devices while also getting it an excellent SEO score. We can even design a logo for you that can help you forge a unique identity for your brand.

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With time, your website will serve as the most significant source of new customers, and you can manage your business from the comfort of your home. A great site is the best place to exhibit all the features that your company offers. Making your shuttle business successful isn't very easy but with the right approach and the qualified help of VEVS you can scale great heights.

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