SMS NOTIFICATIONS *Available upon request for all VEVS websites.

Add an SMS functionality to your online storefront to send & receive automated alerts.
Customize booking & payment confirmations. Monitor your website activities in real time.

SMS notifications available for all VEVS solutions

Get notified when someone contacts you through your website and react in seconds! Send confirmations, event reminders, promo offers and other custom-made notifications directly to your clients’ mobile phones! Keep track of all incoming and outgoing online transactions and make your customers feel safe and valued!


Choose your prefered design and contact us

When you receive a new booking or order

As soon as a client makes a reservation or places an order online, you will get an SMS with their BookingID, time and other details.

We’ll discuss if you have any special requirements

When you receive an enquiry

Each time customers use your contact form to request more information, you will be notified by an SMS.

We’ll ask you to prepare website content - text and images

Remind about an event or deadline

Send and receive reminders about forthcoming events, appointments, expiring promotions etc.

We’ll set up your Car Rental website

When you send an invoice

Configure the options from the admin system and inform your clients as soon as you send an invoice for the services ordered online.

 We’ll deploy your website on your hosting account

Compatible with any web form

We can integrate the SMS notification feature into all web forms on your website: contact form, booking/reservation form, shopping cart etc.

We’’l provide support if you face any trouble

Customizable content

You can modify the SMS texts on your own as per your business needs. For other customizations, please contact us.


VEVS SMS Notifications service will add an extra SMS functionality to your business website. You only need to subscribe and fill in a short piece of code to enable it. Once you create an account with us, we will provide you with your API key which authorizes you to send messages through our servers.


Depending on your customers base and average/expected monthly bookings rate, you can choose between
4 monthly subscription fees. As soon as you receive your API key, the SMS Notifications feature will be activated.

SMS Notifications Monthly Price
up to 100 $9 per month
up to 250 $19 per month
up to 500 $35 per month
up to 1000 $59 per month

* price is based on number of messages being sent each month

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