VEVS Reseller

Introduce our ready-made business websites attractively to your customers and get killer commissions for each conversion!

What You Earn

The revenue for VEVS Partners is based on commissions on our standard prices. You can also charge your clients a website setup fee.

website setup fee
website setup fee defined by you

You determine how much you will charge your customers for setting up their websites. It's your business. We won't interfere!

lifelong commission
lifelong commission on websites & hosting services

You apply VEVS standard subscription fees for your customers and profit from commissions for as long as they use our websites.

commission on custom projects
commission on custom projects

If your clients need any custom modifications to our websites, we will make them for you and pay you a commission on the service fee.


  • You don't want to be engaged in long-term customer service.
  • You prefer your customers to know who has developed the websites.
  • You want to offer our websites only to customers who need a solution that fully or closely matches VEVS products.

How it works:

  • Once we approve your application, we will create a partnership account for you. You can generate trial installations for your clients via your account, and these installations will be directly associated with you.
  • Create a free trial account anytime you have a client or a lead that needs a website, and VEVS solution is a good fit.
  • As soon as your client requests an upgrade and asks their website to be transferred to their domain name, let us know. We’ll upgrade the trial account!
  • You start profiting commissions for each client conversion as of the moment a client begins to pay their subscription fee up until the moment they decide to discontinue VEVS services.

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Read some specific questions about the VEVS Reseller program.

What is expected from VEVS Reseller? Are there any monthly targets I will be supposed to reach?

VEVS Resellers are required to serve clients locally, set up their websites, upload content (if requested by the client), train customers to manage their websites on their own. Of course, we will help you up whenever you need any assistance. And no, there are no targets and obligations whatsoever.

On what fees do you pay commissions? What will I earn from, more specifically?

As a VEVS Partner, you will make a profit from:
Setup fees - You will define the setup price and whether to charge clients for the website setup.
Subscription fees - We will pay you 20% commission on the Small Business and Enterprise Plan recurring subscription fees that we charge the client.
Other subscription-based services (domain, mailboxes, HTTPS, SMS plans, etc.) - We will pay you 10% commission on our other subscription-based services.
Custom modifications and other services - For all one-time payment services you get a 15% commission from the project price.

Who and how will make the payments to VEVS for the website service?

We recommend all service package subscription payments to be paid by your clients directly to us. We require online, automated recurring payments that depend on the plan and the billing cycle that your client will choose. Of course, you can also collect the payment yourself and then pay to us.

If you charge a website setup fee, you can arrange the payment of it directly between you and your client.

How and when will I receive my commission payouts?

The commission payments can be made using PayPal and wire transfers each month or over longer periods as per mutual agreement. We require a minimum payroll of $100, any unpaid commissions will be held until you accumulate $100. Please, note that we always make the money transfers after we have received the respective payment from your client.

Note that we might keep a transaction fee in case of a wire transfer. The fee depends on your location and the transaction fee that the bank charges us.

According to the official VEVS Pricing, Small Business and Enterprise clients are not charged a Website Setup fee. Given that my clients will know who stands behind your websites, doesn't this make me uncompetitive?

If a client of yours contacts us, we will confirm and justify the price you have offered to him/her. It may seem you are uncompetitive, but you're not. On the contrary – you have the strong competitive advantage of being available for your clients locally. All services you can render on-site (such as website setup, content translation, maintenance, etc.) are totally worth the extra fee, especially in case your client is not very tech-savvy.

What will happen if a client of mine decides to order a website directly to you or makes their own trial installation through your website?

As soon as you have informed us in advance that this is your client, we will pay you the commission due in this case as well.

If I give you my client's details, how can I be sure that you will not initiate direct contact with them and outdo my offer?

Don't worry! We will not use your client's contact details to send them better conditions and outdo your offers. We will only contact them if they decide to make an order to us. Even if they purchase from us, you will get your partner commission fee.

Can I put my own Copyright notice on your websites and administration page?

The copyrights of all our products belong solely to VEVS and StivaSoft Ltd., and hence none of our partners and resellers is allowed to put a Copyright notice with their own brand on our websites and associated software products. White-label Resellers, however, may place their company name and logo on our websites.

Can I offer your Free Plan websites to my clients?

Yes, you can, but we will pay no commissions for a Free plan user. Note that we also do not deliver custom modifications to Free plan websites.

How long is the extended trial for my demo installations?

All partners have an extended 21-day free trial period to present the website solution to their customers. The trial installations are generated by default with 7-day trial period, but you can extend that period for another 14 days via your account. You and your customers will have a total of 21 days to explore the VEVS solutions. If that time is not enough for you to set up the website or for your client to take a decision, let us know and we can extend the trial.

Can I host your websites on my own hosting account?

VEVS offers one-source website solutions and the hosting is included in the bundle service regardless how our products reach the end customers.

Can I make custom modifications and change your websites' HTML and CSS on my own?

All custom tweaks will be delivered to you or your customers exclusively by our development team.

How quick and reliable is your Customer Support?

VEVS Customer Success Team usually replies to client requests within a couple of hours during business hours, depending on the urgency of the request and the present workload. We also provide a convenient Skype and Viber assistance, too.

Would you fix bugs found in your products?

Yes, we will fix your client installations upon request. If you or your client find and report a bug we’ll provide a fix as soon as possible.

Will my customers receive notifications about new website versions and updates? Will you update their websites?

In rare cases, for example, when we have resolved important issues on our websites, we apply these improvements to all associated installations in the background. As a rule, we don't make bulk updates for two main reasons - first, major releases often have a completely different database structure and second, if there are custom modifications on a given website, it just doesn't work. If your customers need a specific functionality or feature that is available on the latest website version, just contact us!

What can I do if a particular VEVS website doesn't fully meet my customer's needs?

You can request additional custom modifications and extra services or direct your customers to us depending.

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