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Thanks to VEVS website builder, I managed to keep my yacht charter business going. They helped me so much with the transfer of the data from my old website to the new one and since then my company has become well-known around people from all over the world. My site is something many people have actually complemented me about because not all rental companies try to make the most of their services. I want to thank VEVS for the fast communication between us and all the support that I’ve received during our work together.

Alicia Bolton
Sales Manager
Yacht2Go, UK

Collaborating with VEVS was one of the best decisions that I’ve made for my company. I’m so happy with the way my website works and looks. I was worried about the booking software but it turned out to be exactly how I need it thanks to the customized modifications that the team has made for me. I can say that they are fully dedicated to their job because they have answered every one of my questions despite half of them being completely irrelevant.

Lina Guzman
Dominican Republic

I started a yacht brokerage company, but the only thing left was the website part because I’ve always been bad with technology. However, thanks to these guys who made everything look so easy, I’ve finally made it. Now I can personally change the content on the site with just a few clicks, and because of that, I’m constantly replacing and updating stuff like photos, information related to yachts, etc. I’ll be forever grateful for always doing their best and helping me grow my business so much.

Noel Pulkkinen

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Need any help?