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Website Setup

You can do it yourself, but you don’t need to.

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Initial Setup

Let's power your website on.
  • Domain setup & connection
  • Email account setup
  • SMTP settings configuration

Advanced Setup

Our professional team will assist you with how to set up your website.
  • Includes Initial Setup
  • Company details and logo set up
  • Website Settings setup
  • Colour theme and fonts
  • Set up website menu and footer
  • Configure the business software
  • Adding third-party apps
Based on your plan


Premium Setup

We will fully set up your website from A to Z.
  • Content upload
  • Images optimization and upload
  • Design, style and page layouts
  • Webmaster service
  • SEO check and consultancy
  • Custom tweaks to the business software
Upon request
Even more VEVS services to help you launch and improve your new website!

Even more VEVS services to help you launch and improve your new website!

Save valuable time! Build your online presence even faster and more efficiently with the additional services we offer.

Live Assistance

Get answers to all your questions live. We will advise and provide you with online assistance to all your concerns via live call.

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Onboarding training

Build your website without any IT knowledge. We will show and teach you how to rapidly and effortlessly set up your dream website.

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Custom Modifications

We will make custom adjustments based on your requirements to ensure that your website is a perfect fit for your company.

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VEVS Customer Support

Our dedicated VEVS customer care team will always assist you with any aspect of your website building and provide you with lifetime support in an ongoing process.

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Service Terms

The Initial Setup service is included with all pricing packages and comes at no additional cost. Our Customer Care Team will provide it via the support ticket system or during a live online call/meeting. But keep in mind - the call/live assistance for the Initial Setup package is limited to 30 mins and only applies to set up items included in the Initial Setup service. The live call is not obligatory for the client, and we will decide together whether it is necessary, a.k.a, if it will help the client with the setup process. The Initial Setup service is available for up to 3 months after the initial subscription to the VEVS Website Builder services. The services included in the Initial Setup package are detailed below.

The price for Advanced Setup package starts at $499. When ordering the package, a full prepayment is required. Your active collaboration and participation are also necessary for the Advanced Setup service. The VEVS Customer Care team will deliver the service within one month of placing the order. But it usually takes us 1-2 weeks to complete. If we are unable to accomplish the service within one month due to a lack of collaboration and information from the client or no-shows on scheduled calls, we reserve the right to terminate the service. Hence, there will be no refund unless the client cancels the service before we begin working on it. In case of a refund, we retain $200 in administrative fees. The one-hour of live assistance is only for providing setups that are part of the service package. The services included in the Advanced Setup package are detailed below.

If the Initial or Advanced Setup packages do not meet your needs and you require more extensive assistance, you can request the Premium Setup service. There are no pre-defined activities or service scopes for the Premium Setup service. Instead, we will discuss your needs, configure a package that meets them, and provide a quote. The Premium Service can also include select setups from the Advanced Setup package. Therefore, the service description that refers to the Premium Setup below intends to give you an idea of what we can deliver rather than outline a specific package description.

All Website Setup packages, free or paid, are provided only once. If you require an additional setup service, a new payment is needed, or you can request a live assistance service. In case you need to order the Initial Setup package once more, the regular price is $99 USD.

Live Assistance and Training services, as well as all online meetings/calls for customer support and website setup, are only available by appointment.

We understand if you are unable to attend a meeting due to a business, personal, or technical reason. And we will gladly reschedule it. If a second online meeting fails though, we will charge or hold (if the service is prepaid) $29, and we reserve the right to cancel the service.

Live Assistance, Training, Website Setup or Customer Support meetings/calls require screensharing from one or both sides. Hence, for maximum service performance, we require you to handle all online meetings/calls via Zoom or Skype on your PC or laptop. Therefore smartphones and tablets, as well as phone calls, are unsuitable for the service and will not be accepted.

All setup services are provided via our online ticket-based support system except live online calls included in your plan or purchased separately.

Service Description

Domain setup & connection

We will point your domain name (whether purchased from us or an existing domain) to your VEVS website.

Email account setup

We will assist with setting up your company mailboxes, either using another email provider or the free VEVS mailbox service.

SMTP settings configuration

All automated email notifications generated by the website will be delivered through your email account. That requires setting up the SMTP with your email server information, and we will assist you in configuring the SMTP connection with your email box.

Company details and logo set up

We will add your company name, contact information, and social media accounts to the website header, footer, and contact us page based on your preferences. In addition, we will resize and optimize your logo to perfectly fit your website header. If necessary, we will expand the website's top menu or suggest logo redesign options. The service also includes logo file optimization to ensure that the file format and size are correct for fast loading and an excellent user experience. Moreover, we will create and upload a favicon to your website if needed.

Website Settings setup

We will configure the following website settings to follow your preference and business operations: Regional Settings, Map Service, User Roles, Contact Form, Languages, and Cookie policy bar. Please keep in mind that the service does not include content translations.

Color theme and fonts

Colours and fonts are two of your brand's most influential and memorable elements. As a result, we will ensure they are entirely in line with your logo and branding. We will configure the main page elements' colours to match your main colour scheme and provide a great user experience.

Set up website menu and footer

Set up the website header, menu and footer. Note that the service does not include creating new pages.

Configure the business software

We will assist you in configuring the business software that is integrated into your website. Setting up the following software menus/functions are included in the service: Settings/Options, Email Notifications, Payments, and Checkout.

However, the service does not include the setup of the entire business software like pricing, content uploading, or other software functionalities not mentioned above. The service also excludes the creation of email and SMS messages, documents, and print templates.

Adding third party apps

Connect your business to other platforms. Using a JavaScript snippet code, we can add Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, online chat, or any other third-party app.

1 hour of live assistance

We will connect with you via Zoom or Skype to assist you in setting up your website, respond to your questions, help resolve difficulties you meet and communicate corner cases.

Keep in mind that Live Assistance services require screen sharing from one or both sides. Hence, we need you to handle all online meetings/calls on your PC or laptop for maximum performance. Therefore smartphones and tablets, as well as phone calls, are unsuitable for the service and will not be accepted.

1 hour of live training

A call via Zoom or Skype to walk you through our software, train you on how to use it and respond to your questions. The service price includes up to 2 persons from your team.

Content upload

We will upload the content for your web pages. The service also includes adding new pages and setting up their sections and styling.

However, the service does not include any copywriting. We need you to supply the content. If you require assistance with content creation, we also invite you to look into our Digital Marketing services.

Images optimization and upload

We will crop, resize, compress, and change the image file format to ensure nice-looking imagery on your site. Furthermore, we will also improve the page speed since the images significantly affect the page load time more than all other web page sources. While uploading the optimised images, we will rename image files and add image alt-tags to improve your SEO as well.

Design, style and page layouts

We will set up your website style and shape the page layout and sections to follow your unique branding and design requirements.

Webmaster service

Our front-end developers can customise your website and deliver a unique design that fits your requirements perfectly.

SEO check and consultancy

We will analyze your website pages and generate reports for the following website and page elements: title and meta description tags, keyword density, ALT tags, H tags, images, canonical tags, robots.txt, and sitemap. We can also advise you on how to improve them based on your target keywords or assist you in selecting them.

Custom tweaks to the business software

What makes VEVS unique is that we can deliver custom modifications to our software to ensure that it perfectly fits your business model and requirements. Often, a few minor changes to the software functions is all that is needed to meet your specific requirements, and we would be happy to provide them as part of our Premium Setup service.

Long-term customers can also benefit from our updates and new features. Refer to the Custom Modifications service for more advanced modifications and custom projects.

Need any help?
Need any help?