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Website Setup

Our primary goal while developing and improving the VEVS products is providing efficient e-commerce solutions that are easy-to-use and manage at the same time. Though like any website builder, VEVS is a Do it yourself (DIY) solution, we understand that for many reasons you may need a little assistance while setting up your VEVS website. As always, we are ready to help!

See below our set up packages that will make your website launch process effortless. We will help you get your new website in perfect shape and ready to generate business. If you need something extra, contact our Customer Care Team.



We will resize and optimise your logo to fit your website header perfectly. If needed, we will enlarge the website top menu or suggest logo redesign options. The service includes logo file optimisation, to make sure it is the proper file format and size for fast loading and excellent user-experience.


We will create and upload a favicon to your website.

Color scheme

Colors are among the most effective and memorable elements of your brand. We will make sure that the main color scheme of your website matches your logo and branding.

Web Pages

We will create your custom web pages, upload and style their content. Up to 5 pages included (in one language), up to 2,500 words and 20 images.

Note that copyright service is not included in the Website Content setup package, and you will have to provide the content. If you need help with the copyright, we kindly invite you to review our Digital Marketing services too.

Image Optimizing

The service includes crop, resize, manipulate, compress, change the file format of up to 20 images. We will not only ensure nice-looking imagery on your site but also improve the page speed, as usually, the images have the most significant effect over the page load time than all other web page sources. See our Image Editing services.

Content Applications

Every VEVS website is equipped with content apps such as Blog, FAQ, Testimonials, Careers, etc. We will help you set up these apps as per your preferences and needs. We will also add up to 3 data records for each content application.

Web Form Page

You can create unlimited pages with different web forms which will allow your visitors to contact you, send or request information, submit an application, etc. We will help you set up your first custom web form page.

We will help you get your new website in perfect shape. Request Service

Website settings

Getting the website ready to launch requires setting up some system functions. These settings do not require any special or advanced IT knowledge, but if they seem a bit techy for you, then you may consider our Website Settings package.

The setup package includes a 1-hour call to discuss the most suitable options and lead you by the hand on setting up third-party services related to the website.

SMTP setting

All automated email notifications triggered by the website will be sent via your email box. That requires setting up the SMTP with your email server details.

Map keys and setup

VEVS websites are using third-party online map and geolocation services. We will help you configure the system and your map account to align the service.

User roles

You can add unlimited users and user roles to the system. We will help you refine up to 3 user roles with access rights to follow your requirements.

External codes

We will add your Google Analytics or another tracking system code, Facebook pixel or Online chat widget.

Website menus

We will guide you and help you with setting up the website header and footer menus.


We will guide you in setting the website language or languages if you need a multilingual website.

Contact Us form

As a standard and best practice, each website is equipped with a Contact Us page and web form. If it needs any fine-tuning we will take care of it. We will also add your company details and social media profiles.

Regional Settings

Regardless if you are operating locally or globally the regional settings will ensure that the system is aligned with your preferences.

Cookie policy

If you are operating in the EU you are obligated to follow GDPR rules. The Cookie policy function will address that. It is recommended informing your website visitors for your cookies policy even if not operating in the EU.

SEO Validator

SEO Validator

We will generate and send you a report about the website SEO elements listed below of up to 10 pages. The report will include tips about how to improve the page SEO elements. We can also help with the robots.txt or sitemap setup. If you need additional SEO service, you can review our Digital Marketing Services.

  • Title and Meta Description tags
  • Keyword density report
  • Check for empty ALT tags
  • H tags report
  • Check for images that need optimization

We will help you get your new website in perfect shape. Request Service

Business Software

Set up + training package

We would love to assist you in setting up the business software that is built into your website and get it fully operational and on track. The package also includes a 1-hour live chat or a call session. During the call, we will not only ask for information, but we will guide you through the process and share details about how the system works so that you can handle the website management on your own, afterwards.

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