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business website Pricing

Go digital with confidence even on a shoestring budget!
Let VEVS Website Builder be the key motive force of your business success!

$99 per year

No hidden fees. You can also cancel anytime!

The prices for industry specific and professional websites are clearly listed on each VEVS solution pricing page. Customizations and some extra services are subject to additional, case-specific pricing.

Whats included

VEVS business websites go with all auxiliary services such as domain, hosting, backup, ongoing maintenance and support. A great one-place solution!

Setup & Hosting

We will set up your site on a dedicated hosting account, will point your domain name and configure your mailbox.
VEVS will ensure you a fast and reliable network and secure servers.
High-performance server
We will regularly backup your data to prevent potential information losses.
Every day
Domain name
You can choose a domain name for your website as per your preferences.
$25 per year (optional)
Dedicated IP address
Advisable for high-traffic eCommerce websites to enhance customer experience and secure transactions.
$50 per year
SSL Certificate
Secures the interactions between your customers and your website through an encrypted link between your server and their browsers.
$59 per year
Paid subscribers get 1 mailbox by default.
1 included


Multi-language support
Paid subscribers can add additional languages on their websites.
Third-party services
We can add third-party apps on paid subscribers’ websites using JS code such as tracking codes, chat apps, etc.
CMS users
Paid subscribers can add as many website administrators as necessary.


Copyright Removal
We can remove the VEVS copyright notice from the footer of your Small Business or Enterprise VEVS website.
$150 one-time fee
Support Service
All customer queries are processed through our support ticket system available on VEVS website dashboard.
Webmaster Services
Custom modifications, content upload, website tweaks, technical consultations, etc.

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Let your website evolve with your business! You can create a company site and later upgrade it by requesting extra features and add-ons. We will make for a smooth switchover!

Web Apps

Enhance your e-commerce website with some cool tools and plug & play widgets! Review our selection of trendy apps...

Hosting Add-ons

Boost your website's security and performance with HTTPS, CDN, Dedicated Server, Dedicated IP, etc. See more...

Logo & Brand Design

Generate a free company sign for your business website or request a custom-made corporate design from us!

Translation Services

We can translate your website content into multiple languages and upload the respective texts for you! Find out more...

Custom Tweaks

All VEVS websites can be customized to meet your specific business needs and design views. Learn more...

Social Profiles

If you still don’t have company profiles on social media, we can create and personalize them for you upon request.

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