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Managing online bookings is a child's play! Create a fully equipped sports venue site and take online appointments for multiple locations and facilities.

VEVS Playground Website
VEVS Sports Facilities Booking Website
VEVS Sports Venue Website

Awesome Features

VEVS Sports Venue Websites are fitted with a built-in court reservation system and all software functionalities necessary for managing every modern sports center.

Unlimited Locations

Manage multiple sport clubs each offering several pitches, courts, or other rentable sports facilities. Configure different settings and details for each of them.

Unlimited Playgrounds

Add and manage multiple playgrounds for every location. Set separate working time, price per slot, slot length, and availability for each sports facility.

Various Online Payments

Customers can pay for their bookings safely and securely using the most popular online payment gateways. We can also integrate other payment software platforms.

Customer Management

Review detailed profiles of each of your customers such as personal and contact details. Add notes to each account. You can also manually add new clients.

Online Client Profiles

After signing into their online accounts, customers can check their bookings and payments, and update their personal data, if necessary.

Price Management

Set custom price rates for all sports facilities and fields you provide. You can also add special % discounts and request further custom tweaks to fit your needs.

Court reservation system

Great Looking Designs

Get one of our ready-made playground website designs, check all available color themes, and request any additional fine-tunings. We can also deliver unique custom projects upon request.

All websites created by VEVS Playground Website Builder are fully optimized for mobile devices and developed in line with the latest tech trends.

Playground Website Design by VEVS 1
Sports Venue Website Design by VEVS 2
Sports Facilities Website Design by VEVS 3

Principales Beneficios

No Booking Fees

In contrast to other online venue booking website solutions, VEVS Playground Website Builder will not charge you for bookings made via your sports venue site.

Setup & Launch Support

Our friendly and tech-savvy Customer Success Team will guide your way and help you out with the initial setup and start of your playground website. You can count on us!

Multiple Languages

Select one default language and add as many alternative LTR & RTL language versions of your sports facilities website as you need. Content translation is very simple!

Custom Tweaks & Widgets

Depending on your particular software needs and visual requirements, we can make any tweaks and embed various web apps into your playground website.

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Perfectly Suitable For:

Tennis Courts

List your tennis fields - children, adults, squash, etc., and manage their schedules and availability separately. Authorize instructors to access the timetables and review client details.

Football Pitches

Create separate profiles for the football fields you rent out - small gates, training, natural grass, artificial turf, etc. Set pricing, availability, and other custom details for each of them.

Basketball Courts

Manage indoor and outdoor basketball courts with different flooring (hardwood surface, acrylic paint finish, etc.) and size. Set custom pricing and available hours for each.

Volleyball Courts

Offer all sorts of volleyball fields to your customers - outdoor fields with PVC vinyl or acrylic synthetic flooring, indoor fields, beach volley fields, etc. Manage them separately.

Hockey Fields

Let out different hockey pitches - grass hockey pitches, sand-based artificial pitches, water-based artificial pitches. Manage their settings and details separately.

Ice Hockey Rinks

Rent out your ice hockey arenas of different size and capacity. Use them for ice skating, figure skating, speed skating, etc. Customize settings separately for each rink.

Baseball Fields

Manage both indoor ballparks with artificial turf and outdoor diamonds with natural grass of different sizes and specify their rental price per hour and other relevant details.

Swimming Pools

Manage children's, heated, indoor, open-air, rooftop swimming pools with different mineralization and proportions. Add special conditions, prices, and schedule for each.

Can you help me set up the online court reservation system?

If you need any assistance, just contact our Customer Success Managers for a detailed guidance. You can also check our general Knowledge base where you will find useful step-by-step tips how to adjust your court booking system and automate online bookings and payments.

Check our FAQ

How can I make my VEVS sports venue website multi-lingual?

Activating multiple languages on your sports playground website is very intuitive and normally doesn't require any external IT support. Just go to the Content Management section in VEVS Knowledge base and read more about the Language Options.

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Check what other sports club owners share about their experience with VEVS Playground Website Builder. If you want to see for yourself how it all works, create your FREE trial now!

The playground website delivered by VEVS Website Builder is a great help for my sports facilities business! It allows me to take online reservations and payments for different pitches and swimming pools that I rent out. It's easy to manage page contents and configure the court booking system as per your needs. It all works smoothly, so I can only recommend VEVS!

Brian Jacobs

I enjoy VEVS sports venue website's simplicity and good structure! Online bookings take minutes and my clients are satisfied! The dev team indulged all my custom modification and tech help requests. Thanks for your patience and custom-oriented approach!

Ivan Azimov

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