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Configure website menu

Make it easy for website visitor to navigate!

The site menu is where your website visitors will find links to the most important pages for your website. That’s why you need to make sure you organize the menu in the most convenient way.

Your website has a header and a footer menu. Using the Menu Editor you can add and remove pages to the site header or footer, quickly preview a page, change pages order, create sub-menus and organize the pages.

When you design your menu you need to add links to the most important pages but also consider the right amount of links. It is a lot more easy to navigate a website when you see all the pages in the top header menu of the website. But if you have too many pages then the menu might become too long and break the design of your website. Besides, too many links might confuse your visitors.

If your website has about 5-6 pages then you can place them all on your menu. If you have more pages, we advise grouping some of your pages in drop-down sub-menus. A good example is the About menu where you can include all pages providing information about your company - About Us, Services, Team, Blog, etc...

For each of your website pages, you can change its Title and URL. The page ‘Title’ is what website visitors will see as a link name in the website menu. You also have control over the page address/URL. 

For example, you can name the page URL of the About Us page like - ‘about’ or ‘about-us’ or ‘our-company’ or ‘about-companyname’. As a result, the URL of your About Us page will be:

  • domainname.com/about.html

  • domainname.com/about-us.html

  • domainname.com/our-company.html

  • domainname.com/about-companyname.html

The page URL is a significant ranking factor. The best practice is that the URL corresponds to the page content and is also SEO optimized. If your website is multilingual, then both the titles and URLs of your website could be in the corresponding language.

You can edit page Title and URL at the Page Options tab for each page - Open the Site Editor, navigate to the page that you want to edit and click on the Settings icon in the left toolbar. It will open a Page Settings box where you can edit the menu label and page web address.

Need any help?
Need any help?