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Image Editing Services

A perfect image is an essential marketing tool for any business. Our image correction service help you convert digital photographs into high-quality images that capture client's attention.

Image Correction

A picture is worth a thousand words! Having high-quality images that accurately represent your company and services is a must.

To improve the quality of an image, Image Manipulation is required. We use the latest Photoshop techniques to improve your images - brightness and contrast correction; crop and resize; removing spots and scratches; adding and removing logos, watermarks.

Original image

Original image

After image correction

Re-touched image

Background Removal & Replacement

Even a great photo may lose its attraction just because of an inappropriate background. Weather you want the background changed or completely removed from your photos, we will edit your image to re-create a great photo!

Background removal
Background replacement
Background replacement
Background replacement

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Color Change

Not everyone has the same tastes, so let your clients see different variation of your products. We can create multiple colour versions for your photos.

Color change: before
Color change: after

Photo Collage

Want to combine several of your images into one photo collage? Let us put together a stunning collage so that your clients view different perspectives of your products. Weather it's a car that you rent/sale or a property, a photo collage allows website visitors to learn all about it with a single image.

Photo collage


Wow your customers with impressive banners and make them remember your brand. Present special offers and deals and increase brand awareness using memorable advertising materials.

Banner image

Source Images

Source image #1 Source image #2

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Image Optimization

Image optimization helps in improving website loading speed and improves overall user satisfaction. Images that aren't optimized can affect ranking in search engine results too.

  • Choose the right image file format
  • Compress image files for faster loading
  • Name image filenames for better SEO

Original image

Original image size: 229 kb

Optimized image

After optimization 63% less: 84 kb

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