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Intuitive, feature-rich, affordable customer support software.



Freshdesk takes the chaos out of your support process so you can focus on growing your business instead. Take control of your customer support now!

Customer issues flying in from all directions?
Bring all your support requests onto Freshdesk - be it from email, chat, phone or social media. Prioritize, categorize and assign tickets automatically.

Not enough resources to do a good job?
Save time by automating routine actions to be executed in common support scenarios. Set up self-service portals for customers and reduce your ticket volume.

Wondering what’s wrong with your support?
Track key metrics from reports to measure performance and increase accountability. Use insights and make better decisions. Set SLAs to manage and resolve issues faster.

Self Service
Set up a knowledge base with FAQs to deflect incoming tickets and reduce your workload. Build forums to foster a community of your users.

Customer Satisfaction
Send out satisfaction surveys to your customers so they can tell you what they like about your service or when you need to put in that extra effort.

Access all other support needs straight out of Freshdesk. Integrate it with your favourite apps. Or build your own using our API platform.

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Need any help?

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