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What makes VEVS better?

  • Business Specific Software

    VEVS is the only website builder that creates business websites fitted with the most essential software features for the respective industry. Our clients have all the tools they need to run their business online.

  • Complete Service Package

    We provide the whole spectrum of services necessary to start and maintain your website - hosting, domain, email, backup, upgrades, extra services, website add-ons etc. Everything you need in one place!

  • Quick & Easy Launch

    It takes 5 minutes to create a VEVS website. It can be all set and running in 48 hours. The backbone is ready, so clients don’t have to start from scratch. We take care for the initial setup and content transfer, too.

  • Versatile Design

    VEVS Website Builder allows users to personalize their websites independently, free of charge and as often as they want to. Changing website color themes, fonts and page layouts takes just a few mouse clicks.

  • Multilingual Websites

    All VEVS websites support multiple language versions, as well as right-to-left text direction. Our clients are able to make various fine-tunings to the language settings and can also request our translation services.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    VEVS web pages have SEO-friendly URLs and are technically optimized. Users can easily add meta titles, descriptions and image ALT tags. And these are the key prerequisites for great search rankings.

  • Custom Modifications

    VEVS adapts to each client’s needs. Our web solutions are flexible and expandable. Design adjustments, page elements reshuffles, new functionalities and all sorts of customizations are possible upon request.

  • Ongoing Support

    We not only help our customers to put the pieces of their websites together, but also strive to provide for their sustainable online success. They can count on our life-long technical assistance and expert advice.

Why work with VEVS?

  • you can rely on us

    VEVS solid web development background stems from StivaSoft’s decade-long experience in creating PHP scripts under the brand PHPJabbers. Our 50+ software tools empower more than 100 000 websites around the world.

  • you can grow with us

    We aspire to constant evolution and integrating innovative, future-proof technologies into our web solutions. VEVS is regularly extending its website portfolio in order to meet the needs of a wider range of niche businesses.

  • you can profit with us

    Members of VEVS Affiliate Program can earn solid commissions on referrals which have converted into our customers. Affiliates can promote VEVS on their own website, post affiliate links in relevant blogs and publications etc.

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