Taxifeer - Estonia

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Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Taxifeer - Estonia

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The Estonian company Taxifeer is using the VEVS Car Rental Website Builder since early 2020. They offer economical and comfortable rental cars in Tallinn and Tartu.

Their office and rental cars are located in Tallinn, but Taxifeer cars are used by customers all over Estonia. One of the benefits is that the clients create the work schedule according to their wishes by making reservations conveniently on the website.

The Taxifeer rent-a-car website is in 2 languages - Estonian and English. The client has also created an individual page with information about each car type they offer for rent.

Custom Modifications:

We helped the client to move from a static website to an e-commerce solution that allows online bookings. We have also delivered a few customizations of our car rental software:

- All necessary SEO 301 redirects were made to match the new site.

- We added mileage limit info to the car details.

- Working time and out-of-hours fees were added to the ‘Deliver to my address’ option for car pick-up and return.

- An additional 30+ days rental quote request form was created.

Taxifeer - Estonia
Taxifeer - Estonia

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