Rent Auto

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Location: Greece

Rent Auto

Company Profile:

Rent Auto was founded in 2011 and operates with various types of cars. The company has been offering superior quality service for more than five years and is continuously improving.

Rent Auto offices can be found almost everywhere in Greece. Their partner network is constantly expanding to meet the needs of their clients.

Rent Auto provides simple vehicle lease transfers, chauffeur services, and one-way rentals. Through their partners, Rent Auto offers tickets and various deals for accommodation and other travel-related products and services.

Custom Modifications:

A few modifications were requested to the car rental software to completely match the Rent Auto pricing model.

1) Rental rates per pick-up location - Rent Auto manages rental rates based on the car pick-up location.

2) Seasonal rates and rates based on the reservation length, also managed depending on the car pick-up location.

3) New columns added in the back-end area on Types and Rates menus to show up the number of available and not-available cars and streamline the service management process.

Rent Auto
Rent Auto

Client Testimonial:

“I am very satisfied with the way the site works and loads. Your team has helped me immensely to build it by answering my requests promptly. Also, I would like to thank Nicola Chongarov for his personal advice. I believe VEVS Website Builder is one of the best solutions for professionals like myself because it covers everything you need for a car rental site. Thank you very much for your assistance!”

Dimitris Mourikis

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